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So, I've digged the internet in seach on a decent tutorial on howtta use the ReorderList control that comes in the Ajax Tookit. I've made lists that can reorder and such, the problem comes when I wanna include an edit feature. There's almost no documentation on how to do this.

How you make editable items in a reorder list?

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Using a ReorderList, the only way to allow items to be editable is to postback after each reorder.

From the ASP.Net Toolkit website:

The ReorderList can handle reorders in two ways, either via a callback or via a postback. For a callback, no page postback happens on a reorder. This is useful if the data is only to be ordered. If the data items are to be deleted or edited, a full postback needs to occur to sync the server side state with the client side state. The PostbackOnReorder property enables this.

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