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Does anyone have some sample code for toggling a KML overlay layer with a checkbox? I can get a kml layer on my map to toggle off when I uncheck the checkbox, but I can't get it to toggle back on. I've viewed all sorts of sample sites and code, but can't get this thing to work. The site in question is at


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1) Your problem is that map var is not defined - you defined var map inside a one function but trying to call it from other one. Define it outside of the function

var map;
var todayLayer;
var todayShown = 1;
var todayWdgt;

2) minor error. todayWdgt is NULL. Its just that you try to assign something that doesn't exist yet. You should run this code after the document is ready.

todayWdgt = document.getElementById("todayBtn");
todayWdgt.checked = true;

Try using firebug.

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