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Is it possible to transclude a page, but preserve magic, page-specific variables like {{PAGENAME}}?

Let's say I have two pages:

TranscludedPage which contains {{PAGENAME}} and ParentPage which transcludes the former page with {{:TranscludedPage}}. As it turns out, {{PAGENAME}} will show ParentPage. What want it to do is to display TranscludedPage. Or, put differently, I want render the page as it would be rendered as an independent page, and then include it.

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There is no way to do that directly in current MediaWiki (at least: which I know of). Basically, the {{PAGENAME}}’s raison d’être is exactly the opposite. If you need static content (not changing upon inclusion), save the TranscludedPage with {{subst:PAGENAME}}, and you’ll get static content.

(I guess there are various tricks on various levels (API, Speical:ExpandTemplates, custom extension) which could do something similar, but that would depend on what you really need to achieve.)

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Close, but no cigar. Neither subst: nor ExpandTemplates are dynamic, which is what I wished for. However, I've found a different way of doing what I wanted to achieve, that doesn't require the dynamic re-rendering I asked for. – nitro2k01 Feb 22 '11 at 20:28

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