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I must be missing something with this rather trivial routes implementation in Rails 3.

I have a namespaced route like so:

namespace 'dashboard' do
  get 'download', to: "Index#download"

If I run rake routes I see:

dashboard_download  GET  /dashboard/download(.:format) {:action=>"download", :controller=>"dashboard/Index"}

The URL is super, that's exactly what I want (and will have many more matches in the namespace), but the controller is wrong. It should just be Index, not dashboard/Index.

Is there any way of fixing this? Or is that the wrong way to implement that style of route?


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To remove the module prefix do this:

scope '/dashboard' do
  get 'download', to: "Index#download"

You can find more information and alternatives here.

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Thanks Pan, worked a treat. – d2kagw Feb 22 '11 at 6:44

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