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I was using Test::Class perl module for some testing recently and ran into a strange problem. Basically, I have a base class inheriting from Test::Class

package Base::Class;
use base qw(Test::Class);

setup : Test(startup) {
    # Create a DB from scratch

teardown : Test(shutdown) {
    # DROP database 

And then I have a whole bunch of test classes inheriting this base class,

package Some::Class;
use base qw(Base::Class);

sub actually_relevant_tests { }

But when I run my test script:

use Some::Class;


The DB is created and dropped TWICE? Once for the base class and once for the sub-class! How do you avoid this without the solution being an ugly hack?


Edit: The closest thing to elegance I have right now is -

use Test::Class;
my $object = Some::Class->new();

package Some::Class;
use Base::Class;

sub actually_relevant_tests { } 

But keeping question open for better solutions.

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Can you eliminate a layer of the inheritance hierarchy? Why not delegate setup and teardown to helper functions?

package My::DB::Helpers;

sub setup_db {...}

sub teardown_db {...}

and then

package Some::Class;
use My::DB::Helpers;
use base 'Test::Class';

setup : Test(startup) {

teardown : Test(shutdown) {
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Yup, could've done that if there were completely isolated from the class.. but they also set some class properties (should've mentioned that) and hence need to be properly inherited. Thanks! :) – Gaurav Dadhania Feb 22 '11 at 7:43
@Gaurav hmm, not sure i can help you then, sorry. I haven't used Test::Class myself. If you do find the answer, post it here so we can learn from it! :) – Philip Potter Feb 22 '11 at 14:19

In your base class use:

sub SKIP_CLASS { shift eq __PACKAGE__ }

This ignores the Base::Class during runtests as an acutal Test::Class and accordingly startup/shutdown methods will only be called for Some::Class.

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