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I am planing to build a website using PHP to be hosted on the public internet with decent user load (between 1000 to 5000). I am using FreeBSD as a server and I configured Apache, PHP and MySQL from scratch.

  1. With proper configuration, is it safe to use such a server, or should I go with some web framework? I am asking as I've heard few horrible things about PHP.

  2. If it is safe, does PHP get too complex when the size of the site increases beyond a certain point?

  3. I know Facebook uses PHP; are there any other big websites that use PHP?

  4. Last, is it recommended to use some PHP framework or should I stick to plain old PHP?

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PHP works fine for just about any size server. The question isn't really the programming language but the infrastructure you set up. 1000-5000 users is not very many unless they are all banging on the site at the same time. Are they doing a lot of DB queries or consuming a lot of CPU resources? If so, then you may want to look at a dedicated MySQL server for the DB queries.

I have nothing against frameworks. However, you are usually shoehorning your problem into their solution. Careful design on your part with common routines, etc., are usually just as good as a framework in my opinion. However, some people are more comfortable working within a framework because it removes some of the plumbing issues.

A lot of large sites use PHP. It may not be obvious because they hide the extension of the scripts in the URLs.

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PHP is just a tool and choice of framework does not really makes your application secure or fast, unless you understand the principles of web security and how things works. Facebook is good example of what php is capable of in hands of processionals. And there are plenty of websites that capable to handle 10K visitors a day on a single low end server.

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With proper configuration PHP is fine. However if youre new to php and server administration you might want to read up on configuring php as well as Apache for security. Youll also need to read specifics on configuration for performance as well but you need to have an app to test before its really worth doing that beyond some basics.

As far as using a framework or just basic PHP that depends totally on you. a framework is othing more really than a set of useful code and structure to accomplish alot of tasks. If you dont use a framework youre going to have to write code that meets similar requirements, so you might save time using a framework. Generally you are going to sacrifice performance in trade for having to design/write less code. You need to decide yourself if a framework (and which one) is right for the project.

In terms of sites that use php... There are a ton... Facebook, Yahoo Bookmarks, Daily Motion, parts of MySpace (at one time, not sure if its still the case), anything running Drupal or Wordpress... PHP is more than capable.

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"if youre new to php and server administration you might want to read up on configuring php as well as Apache for security". This should be priority #1 long before you go public IMHO. Nothing like waking up on day two with a dropped database, your user table posted on a torrent registry, or a zombie server you're suddenly locked out of. –  bob-the-destroyer Feb 22 '11 at 4:58

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