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I'm very new to visual basic and excel programming with VBA. I have column contains city, state and zip code. Here is the example.

Monroe, IN 46711
South Bend, IN 46615
Alexandria, IN 46001

I wants the three words 'CITY_STATE_ZIP' to be split into different colums into the excel file? Here is the example:

      CITY STATE      ZIP
---------- ---------- --------------------
    Monroe IN         46711
South Bend IN         46615
Alexandria IN         46001

Please help me? Sorry for poor English.

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You can do it as follows, if you want to use VBA.

Sub splitIntoCols()

    Dim oRange As Excel.Range
    Dim oCell As Excel.Range
    Dim vValue As Variant
    Dim sCity As String
    Dim sState As String
    Dim sZipCode As String

    Set oRange = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1).Range("A3:A100")

    For Each oCell In oRange

        'Takes the whole value
        vValue = oCell.Value

        'Retrieve the City name (with or without spaces)
        sCity = Left(vValue, InStr(vValue, ",") - 1)

        'Remove the city name from the array
        vValue = Trim(Mid(vValue, InStr(vValue, ",") + 1))

        'Split the value by spaces
        vValue = split(vValue, " ")

        sState = vValue(0)
        sZipCode = vValue(1)


End Sub
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There is a menu item "Text to Columns" that launches a wizard to do this. (If you need VBA code, you can turn on the macro recorder and see what it generates.)

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Thank you but i need a VBA code. Can you guys put code please? I tried your instruction but it's very basic. I need an advanced code. Please help me. –  Zeck Feb 22 '11 at 3:44

Supposing your cells are in column A:

Sub a()
Dim r As Range
Set r = Range(Range("A1"), Range("A1").End(xlDown))
For Each k In r
   Cells(k.Row, 4) = Mid(k, Len(k) - 5)
   Cells(k.Row, 3) = Mid(k, Len(k) - 7, 2)
   Cells(k.Row, 2) = Mid(k, 1, Len(k) - 10)
Next k
End Sub
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I'm a litte unsure if you're trying to do this in a macro or spreadsheet. The following will work in a spreadsheet and can be modified for a macro.

Assuming your column of data in column D, and this example is spliting a string in D4.

Field D5 has the function

=LEFT(D4, FIND(",",D4)-1)

Field D6 has the function

=LEFT(MID(D4,FIND(",",D4)+2,LEN(D4)),FIND(" ", MID(D4,FIND(",",D4)+2,LEN(D4))))

Field D7 has

=RIGHT(MID(D4,FIND(",",D4)+2,LEN(D4)),LEN(MID(D4,FIND(",",D4)+2,LEN(D4))) -FIND(" ", MID(D4,FIND(",",D4)+2,LEN(D4))))
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