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I have a 2d array of chars and i need to start at (0,0) and creat a string and check it against some value then still then add another char to the first one and check it. I need to do that in every dirction. ex:


   B S W G E C Q
   W T W G E C Q
   D S W G E C Q
   Q W E G E C Q
   B S W H E C Q
   B S W G E O Q
   B S W G E C U`

value: first time B
next time BS
then bsw then BSWGECQ
then BW and so on and so on

say im at the H their are like 8 way i need to check

any help in this vb.net problem would be great thanks.

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Can you go the other direction and check your string, character by character, to see if that character is in the corresponding column in the array?

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i want to be able to do other things to the strings i creat too not jsut check them for some value. –  bob Feb 22 '11 at 8:24
Then you'll probably want to go with some combination of recursive or nested loops. –  Lance Lefebure Feb 24 '11 at 4:03
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