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I'm creating a jsp form, once they submitted in the servlet i have to check whether the form is set or not. In PHP i use to check with the ISSET function same like how i can do it in Servlet??

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In servlets you can check using getParameter method of Request Object

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Thanks for your reply!! And i want my database connection to maintain in a common place so that i can utilize in all the pages. Whether i can have my connection string in the DD or any other better way is there? – Mayilarun Feb 22 '11 at 5:36
Better create a class with methods defining the basic CRUD operations.Connection string, you can keep in an XML file as we do in .net. – Novice Feb 22 '11 at 5:37
Thanks for your reply!! Here the xml file is nothing but the DD. SO i can keep it there. I think soo.. – Mayilarun Feb 22 '11 at 5:40

Servlet's request.getParameter() is used to return the value of a request parameter passed as query string and posted data which is encoded in the body of request.

This method is provided by the interface ServletRequest which returns the value of a request parameter as a String, or null if the parameter does not exist. The method request.getParameter() retrieves the passed parameters and displays the value of the parameters on the browser.

Servlet equivalent of PHP isset($_REQUEST['paramname']) is

if (request.getParameter("paramname") != null) { 
    // Parameter is set.
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Another (in my sense more expressive) construct would be


as shown here

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if (request.getParameter("paramname") != "")) { 
    // Parameter is set.

May solve your issue.

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