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How to print the time of a function in MATLAB


A = [2 1 3 ; 1 2 5 ;3 5 4 ]
[U,S,V]            = svd(A)

whats the syntax?

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you can also use the nonsingleton forms of tic and toc:

A = [2 1 3 ; 1 2 5 ;3 5 4 ]
[U,S,V]            = svd(A)

This allows the use of more than one timer. (otherwise you have to ensure exclusive use of tic and toc for one measurement)

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A = [2 1 3 ; 1 2 5 ;3 5 4 ]
[U,S,V]            = svd(A)
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If there are many functions and assignments in your code you may use profile function from matlab library. Before running m file write profile on to command window. After execution check each function's and children function's run time via profile report. You can acquire detailed explanation via help profile.

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