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I am testing timerevent with flex unit. Follwing is the code which i tried , it always goes to cmdFailed function (Time out function).I am new to flex unit .any help would be greatly appreciated.


    public function setUp():void

        timer = new Timer(12000);                                           

    public function teststorapidpresenter():void


        private function cmdHandler(event:TimerEvent,passThroughData:Object):void


    private function cmdFailed(event:Event):void
        fail("Event not dispatched");
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Yes, classic error here. By default, repeatCount property of a timer is 0. That means the time never stops so the TIMER_COMPLETE is never dispatched.

timer.repeatCount = 1

and it should work

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Thanks a lot .. I dint notice that.. – Saravana Feb 22 '11 at 16:04

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