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Can a default locale value be places in php.ini or .htaccess ?

The equivalent of the php function

   setlocale(LC_MONETARY, 'it_IT');

for example

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It can, take a look at intl.default_locale.

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From the manual: "The locale that will be used in intl functions when none is specified (either by omitting the corresponding argument or by passing NULL). These are ICU locales, not system locales. ..." – Halil Özgür Nov 13 '13 at 13:33

There's nothing in the php.ini to help you. But as alternative you could try setting environment variables from .htaccess

SetEnv   LC_ALL  it_IT.UTF-8

But these settings only take effect for CGI and FastCGI versions of PHP at best, not for the usual mod_php installation.

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