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Can someone please shed some light on how to install the requirements for Postgres 9 (Centos) to be able to use dblink for inter-postgres db querying.

There seems to be no clean documentation out there on how to install dblink requirements in general.

Thanks in advance.

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Install DbLink DbLink is located in share/contribs/dblink.sql of your PostgreSQL install.To use it, load the dblink.sql file in the database you would like to use it in.

Source: http://www.postgresonline.com/journal/archives/44-Using-DbLink-to-access-other-PostgreSQL-Databases-and-Servers.html

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If you have PostgreSQL 9.1 (or later), make sure the contrib package is installed, e.g., from your shell:

yum install postgres*contrib

Then within the database, use the DDL to create the extension:

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