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I am using this guide for passing data to modules "Using interfaces for module communication". For getting child module instances they have done this

var ichild:* = mod.child as IModuleInterface; (mod = moduleLoader)

What should I do to get instance of parent application inside module? How can I call parent methods inside modules?

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Aside note: why * when type should be IModuleInterface? – alxx Feb 22 '11 at 14:41
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It's easy. Just pass any class instance in your main application to module, which methods you want to call.

Your module:

<mx:Module xmlns:mx="">


        public var appInst : Object;

        public function CallAlert() : void
            if (appInst != null)
                appInst.AppAlert("Hello from module");

    <mx:Button click="CallAlert()" label="click"/>

Your main application:

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="">
        import mx.controls.Alert;

        public function AppAlert(str : String) : void

        public function ready(evt : Event) : void
            mod.child["appInst"] = this;


The [ ] operator is an alternative way to use properties and methods of objects. We can't use here mod.child.appInst here, because mod.child is DisplayObject, and it has no such property. But our module main class has property appInst. It's an alternative way to using interface. You may pass any variables or functions to your module application. So that's it.

P.S. Be careful with errors of type casting and unexisting properties.

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