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When I compile this code in Visual C++, I got the below error. Can help me solve this issue..

DWORD nBufferLength = MAX_PATH;
char szCurrentDirectory[MAX_PATH + 1];
GetCurrentDirectory(nBufferLength, szCurrentDirectory); 
szCurrentDirectory[MAX_PATH +1 ] = '\0';

Error message:

Error   5   error C2664: 'GetCurrentDirectoryW' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'char [261]' to 'LPWSTR'  c:\car.cpp
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Your program is configured to be compiled as unicode. Thats why GetCurrentDirectory is GetCurrentDirectoryW, which expects a LPWSTR (wchar_t*).

GetCurrentDirectoryW expects a wchar_t instead of char array. You can do this using TCHAR, which - like GetCurrentDirectory - depends on the unicode setting and always represents the appropriate character type.

Don't forget to prepend your '\0' with an L in order to make the char literal unicode, too!

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It seems you have define UNICODE, _UNICODE compiler flags. In that case, you need to change the type of szCurrentDirectory from char to TCHAR.

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