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The Pagination of Joomla doesn't allow to make the link of the current page to be linkable.

In the file: TEMPLATE_LOCATION > html > pagination.php is a function with the following: pagination_item_inactive()
Input variable $item is an object with fields:
$item->base : integer
$item->link : string
$item->text : string

But $item->link is always empty.
The file: libraries > joomla > html > pagination.php within function _buildDataObject()
Line 521 should be changed from:
if ($i != $this->get('pages.current') || $this->_viewall)

if (!$this->_viewall)

Kind regards

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How is this an improvement? Why would you link to the page you are already on? I am afraid you will probably be outnumbered in this case. Most people are going to want to leave it alone, particularly since you can use JURI::current(); to get that URL if you need it anywhere.

In any case, here is a guide to submitting patches.


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