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I have some php files which the text is outputting (in dreamweaver) as stuff like...


It is supposed to be Japanese text, if I change the encoding in dreamweaver to swift-JIS, the text look like:


So i open the file in notepad ++ and character set to Japanese (swift-jis) and paste it back in to dreamweaver and then change the encoding and everything looks great.. I save, reopen and boom, back to turkish and the weird encoding. Any ideas?

On the actual website it looks OK, its just i want to be able to edit it in dream weaver and obviously come back to it in a later date and still be able to read it.

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hi you may want to tag php and webdevelopment and remove the tags for japanese and shift-jis – Bernd Elkemann Feb 22 '11 at 9:18

if anyone is still interested: I found this answer smwhere on the web and it worked for me: to explicitly say DW what encoding to use, manually place this line in the beginning of your page:

where xxxxxxx should be replaced with correct name for your encoding (see modify-page props.-document encoding for that).

Hope that helps. Peter-ta

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You will need to explicitly tell Dreamweaver to open the file in Swift-JIS.

Here is a tutorial that seems to explain how. Maybe there also is a select box in the "Open" Dialog.

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hi, this is what I do initially, however it does not encode correctly., So i have to convert it in notepad and paste it back in, I cant believe that I can not change the encoding and it remembers it :S – AJFMEDIA Feb 22 '11 at 9:45

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