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I need to programmatically determine out how many sectors, heads, and cylinders are on a physical disk from Windows XP. Does anyone know the API for determining this? Where might Windows expose this information?

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There's sample code in MSDN to do this here.

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There's a control code you can pass to DeviceIoControl to get the physical disk geometry.

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WMI is good at this too, I've used it with great success.

using( ManagementClass driveClass = new ManagementClass( "Win32_DiskDrive" ) )
    using( ManagementObjectCollection physicalDrives = driveClass.GetInstances( ) )
        foreach( ManagementObject drive in physicalDrives )
            string cylinders = ( string )drive["TotalCylinders"];
            // ... etc ...
            drive.Dispose( );

For a list of additional drive properties you can use, check out this page

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