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I use this function to work arrounds with JQuery tools for validation of my fields. So that it can also check select tags. It work fine for me. Now the thing is that it display error message(tootips comenext to feild) but once i fix it. It didn't immediately make error(tootips comenext to feild) disappear the way it do for input tags onChange event or onBlur. In short i want handle event and message visibility by myself for some fields like select.

$.tools.validator.fn(".select .required",
function(input, value) {
return value.length >= 1 ? true : { en: "Please select this Mandatory field"}; });

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Please edit your question and correct your code formatting, I've tried it myself but I can't tell if it's a formatting or a coding mistake! –  ifaour Feb 22 '11 at 9:38

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Its Seems that tooltips disappear on keydown event.. Well i make it invisible by handling an event of onfail of validator of JQuery Tools

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