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I am sending a whole lot of JSON information to jQuery (around 40KB), which could be a lot smaller if the descriptors weren't repeated for every single object. (e.g. 'name': , 'title': 'image': ...)

Usually I send JSON data like this:

reply = json.dumps({'items':itemsArray})         
return HttpResponse(reply, 'mimetype/javascript')

Is there a way in which I can either gzip this for the client (if available), or use a third party utility to translate between shortened versions of object attribute names between server and client side, using the jQuery map() function?

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GZipping is handled by the webserver and browser. So you should check your webserver and webservers configuration, that it gzips the response.

For the minification: JSON is already a pretty minimal protocol. For still shortening it and its indices you probably won’t find something, as you’ll also have to map it on both sides, server in PHP and client in JavaScript. Adapting existing minifiers also requires attention, as it has to be consistent and map, not only minify, as you’ll have to decode it on the other side again.

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You want the GZip middleware: django.middleware.gzip.GZipMiddleware. Of course it also entirely possible to let the compression be handle by you webserver. An example of this is: mod_deflate

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