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I am trying to setup a form with a select for a simple association in mongoid.

Let assume this model:

class dog
  field: name 
  references_one: owner

class owner
  field: name
  referenced_in :dog

Now on my form to create/edit a dog I would like to build a select that list all the owner and allows for the association to be completed:

    = f.label "Owner"       
    = :owner, Owner.list_all_owner

What should the value of the select be for this to work ? I tried everything, the id, the JSON::ObjectId, etc.



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Have you tried:

= f.collection_select :owner_id, Owner.all, :id, :name


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it does not works, I did this: = f.collection_select :owner, Owner.all, :id, :name, I can't put :owner_id because it's not part of my model ? What this does is create a select drop down and use the content id as the value. But obviously this does not work and the value is not retain upon save :( – Alex Feb 22 '11 at 12:52
what about f.collection_select :owner, Owner.all, :name, :id (reversed name & id in the parameter list). I believe the label to use in the drop down comes before the value to associate with that label. – jared Feb 22 '11 at 22:26

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