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<a class="rsswidget" href="http:/domain.com/feed/" title="RSS">
<img style="border:0" width="14" height="14" src="http://domain.com/images/rss.png" alt="RSS">

What regexp do I need to get rid of this entire anchor, inclusiveley the image inside? Unfortunately I'm a regexp noob and so I need your help. Thank you very much.

return preg_replace('#<a+class="rsswidget"[^>]*>.*?</a>#is', '', $content);
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possible duplicate of Replace UL tags with specific class - dont let the title fool you. Same problem, same solution. It's only the arguments that change. – Gordon Feb 22 '11 at 11:34
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That's almost right. But the + quantifies only the a. You wanted to use [^>]+ at that position:


To avoid any regex-for-html-whatever-downvoting, this would be the QueryPath alternative:

return qp($html)->find("a.rsswidget")->remove()->writeHTML();
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