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i recently started working on DNN, i configured DNN at my machine with starter kit and other things require. I received a vb module from my client to work up on. It's simple VB module, not dynamic module. I imported the module and i started working on it, but i am more of c# coder, so i feel a bit uncomfortable working with this. Could some body tell me how can i convert his module to c#, of is there any way that further coding i do in c#, i mean all my user control further i want to make in c# on that module. Please guide me on it, or provide me some resources.

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By vb you mean, I assume? – CodesInChaos Mar 3 '11 at 8:33
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There are several tools out there for converting VB to C# -

However, if you want to work in C# and if it is a simple module, then you might be better off:

  • install the DNN starter kit
  • run the "new C# module" wizard
  • using your VB module as a reference, recreate the functionality in the C# module
  • enjoy coding forwards

For tutorials about working with DNN, there are lots of tutorials out there - and I particularly recommend Michael Washington's materials which he generally provides in both C# and VB -

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