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After a reinstallation of Windows XP I have a huge problem with IntelliJ and Subversion plugin. I've added an existing project to IntelliJ, which was checkouted from SVN that needs autorisation (ssh+svn://). During update/commit it asks me for credential. I set username and private key/passphrase but IntelliJ rejects it and ask for it again and again. When I update/commit that project using TortoiseSVN with auth cert in Pageant loaded (putty tool), it works fine. Same thing with other projects even checkouted after reinstallation.

How can I fix that issue ?

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Make sure you are using a key in the OpenSSH format and entering the key password correctly. I've verified it with my own svn+ssh repository and it works fine.

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After reexport key in OpenSSH format it works again. I thought, that my OpenSSH version of key was fine, byt probably not. Thanks ! :) –  hsz Feb 22 '11 at 13:58

In case this helps anyone else: ensure that the username field is the same as the one used for SVN and NOT the one registered with IntelliJ.

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This seems to have fixed my problem. Stackoverflow advised me to not say 'thanks' or '+1' in the comment. I don't like being told how to talk to people who have helped me, so thank you and +1. –  Rich Jan 26 at 22:29
@Rich lol glad I could help! –  Igor Jan 26 at 22:39

Which version of Intellij are you referring to? The one i use is 9.0.4 and I can't log into svn despite providing the right credentials. The workaround to the problem is to use the svn plugin bundled with Intellij 9.0.2. Just go to the plugins folder of the older installation, copy over the files from the folder svn4idea into the same folder of the 9.0.4 installtion.

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