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How do I obtain a Query Execution Plan?

how can I see the execution plan in SQL Server 2005 for a dynamic sql that is executed? I cannot save any files on the computer where the database resides. Here's a small example:

declare @sqlcmd nvarchar(1000)
declare @param1 nvarchar(14)

set @param1 = '11111111%'
set @sqlcmd = 'SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE customer_id LIKE @customer_id'
EXECUTE sp_executesql @sqlcmd, N'@customer_id nvarchar(14)', @customer_id = @param1

So I would like to see the execution plan that actually is used for SELECT query.

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Just press ctrl + m in SQL Server Management Studio to activate "Include Actual Execution Plan". This will show the real execution plan just as with any ordinary query.

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Ah, yes, but it seems like I can't get it to text? Set showplan_text on doesn't give me the plan it seems. –  KTrum Feb 22 '11 at 12:18
No it doesn't, but if you absolutely have to see it in that format then you could do a print of the generated query and run it manually in SSMS. –  Andreas Ågren Feb 22 '11 at 12:21

You can use profiler to capture the execution plans. You can then use something like SQL Sentry's Plan Explorer (http://www.sqlsentry.com/plan-explorer/sql-server-query-view.asp) to be able to view/break down the captured query plans.

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