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How to get child element in Zend_Dom_Query?

Example HTML:

     <img src="wow/img.jpg" />
     <a href="http://wow.com">wow link</a>

How to get href of link through h3 element?

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Considering your example only, you could do as follows:

    $testHtml = '<h3><img src="wow/img.jpg" /><a href="http://wow.com">wow link</a></h3>';

    $dom = new Zend_Dom_Query($testHtml);

    // get a element using css child selector
    $result = $dom->query('h3 > a');
    // outputs 'http://wow.com'
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In some cases it is reason to use next construction:

$testHtml = '<h3><img src="wow/img.jpg" /><a href="http://wow.com">wow link</a></h3><h3><a href="http://wow2.com">wow link2</a></h3>';
$znd = new Zend_Dom_Query($testHtml);
$result = $znd->query('h3');
if ($item = $result->current()->getElementsByTagName('a')->item(0)) echo $item->getAttribute('href');
echo '<br>';
if ($item = $result->next()->getElementsByTagName('a')->item(0)) echo $item->getAttribute('href');


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