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Is there any way to modify an existing check constraint on a table other than dropping and re-creating it?

create table t ( n number);
ora10g> Tabelle wurde erstellt.

ora10g> alter table t add constraint ck check(n>0);

Tabelle wurde geõndert.

ora10g> alter table t modify constraint ck check(n<0);
alter table t modify constraint ck check(n<0)
FEHLER in Zeile 1:
ORA-00933: SQL-Befehl wurde nicht korrekt beendet
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You have to drop it and recreate it, but you don't have to incur the cost of revalidating the data if you don't want to.

alter table t drop constraint ck ;
alter table t add constraint ck check (n < 0) enable novalidate;

The enable novalidate clause will force inserts or updates to have the constraint enforced, but won't force a full table scan against the table to verify all rows comply.

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NO, you can't do it other way than so.

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No. If such a feature existed it would be listed in this syntax illustration. (Although it's possible there is an undocumented SQL feature, or maybe there is some package that I'm not aware of.)

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This is exactly the problem. This feature is listed in the documentation . But it does not work. – schurik Feb 24 '11 at 8:39
Modifying a constraint is documented, but the specific type of change you're looking for is not documented. Only changing the constraint state is allowed. e.g. enable, disable, validate, etc. – Jon Heller Feb 24 '11 at 18:30

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