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I am using Google App Engine's datastore and wants to retrieve an entity whose key value is written as



Can anyone suggest me a GQL query to view that entity in datastore admin console and also in my python program?

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From your application use the get_by_id() class method of the Model:

entity = YourModel.get_by_id(1)

From Datastore viewer you should use the KEY function:

SELECT * FROM YourModel WHERE __key__ = KEY('YourModel',1)
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thanx buddy it worked –  niteshb Feb 23 '11 at 11:37

An application can retrieve a model instance for a given Key using the get() function.

class member(db.Model):
    firstName=db.StringProperty(verbose_name='First Name',required=False)
    lastName=db.StringProperty(verbose_name='Last Name',required=False)


id = int(self.request.get('id'))
entity= member.get(db.Key.from_path('member', id))

I'm not sure how to return a specific entity in the admin console.

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thanx buddy it worked but still I cannot use this in datastore admin console. do you have any idea for that? –  niteshb Feb 22 '11 at 12:37

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