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This is question from my assignment I have to submitt.

Two colleagues are working simultaneously but separately on a spreadsheet file that they share. At the same moment they both want to upload the revised document to the Dropbox folder. Describe a potential problem that the colleagues might encounter.

My answer to that is that the version which "arrived" later to Dropbox will override the previous version. I wonder if anyone of you can help me with this.

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You might also want to mention what will happen to the local file which is now out of sync, Especially if the file is still open.

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you mean the local file of the user that wasn't the most recent one on the server? –  There is nothing we can do Feb 22 '11 at 13:08

I do not undestand how is this related to programming. Answering this requires knowledge of how Dropbox resolves conflicts.

When Dropbox detects the file being modified concurrently, it will not silently overwrite it, but it will create a new copy with a name containing e.g. "(ComputerX's conflicted copy 2009-08-07)"

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I feel very sorry for you that you don't understand in what way this is related to programming. Really. –  There is nothing we can do Feb 22 '11 at 20:47
@There what he means is that Dropbox are very likely to have a system in place to handle this, and nobody here knows what that system does in case of a conflict. The question uses a bad example to discuss the general issue of race conditions. –  Unicron Mar 22 '11 at 12:40

Hi "There is nothing we can do",

In my experience with dropbox, the file which arrives later is not always overwriting the previous. Sometimes dropbox does not update the remote copy (the version in the cloud), even though the local copy that is being uploaded does in fact differ. As a means to get around this, I have sometimes resorted to uploading a blank copy of the file in question just before uploading the changed copy. This way the file is recognized as different and is forcefully updated. Otherwise, when I upload my modified file, it does not always update the remote copy unless it is vastly different.

One would think that dropbox would have implemented some means of a checksum difference check to verify whether a file that is saved or updated is truely different than the user's local copy.

It sounds to me what you have been asked to describe is a race condition where one user's changes do not necessarily update the file. However, it may be the user who secondarily attempts to update the file who loses their changes. Since the file could already be in use (being written to) as he tries to update, it would be read only to the secondary user thus blocking or discarding the update.

To get around this problem dropbox could in turn implement a queue where user's could simultaneously update and modifications would be queued up. Then only if there is a conflict (such as an undecidable update, ie. updating the exact same line in a file) would the user be asked to wait to update or perhaps try saving again.

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thanks for your answer. Yes indeed I have to desrcibe this problem in view of race condition. Could you please elaborate on this please. And perhaps you will be able to answer my other question:stackoverflow.com/questions/5139898/when-server-fails thank you –  There is nothing we can do Mar 11 '11 at 7:18

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