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I'm having a problem with overriding some plugin CSS. Editing that CSS directly is not really an option, as it would make updating the plugin more risky.

The problem: an element has absolute positioning, and has top:0px in the original. I want to override it by bottom:0px.

For the sake of example

    .element {position:absolute; top:0;}

    /* in another file */
    .my .element {bottom:0;}

On firefox this works ok (bottom:0 is the applied style), but safari/chrome don't seem to be get over the top:0.

I can work around this problem, but it would be nice to come up with a clean solution.

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tried the !important flag? –  david.wosnitza Feb 22 '11 at 12:23
The bottom was applied in webkit's case also, and the bottom-definition was more specific. !important just makes it "more specific" so to say. The problem was, it seems to calculate top first, that's why i needed a way to reset it. –  Marcus Feb 22 '11 at 12:43

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Use top: auto to "reset" top to its initial value.

bottom is a totally separate property to top (an element can have both a top and bottom), so perhaps you won't need bottom anymore.

Also, make sure your override selector is specific enough, but it doesn't sound like that's the problem in this case.

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top:auto was what I was looking for. I tried checking sitepoint CSS reference etc documentation, but couldn't find it. Tried top:none (on random :D). Thanks. –  Marcus Feb 22 '11 at 12:42
.my .element { position: inherit !important; top: auto; }
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