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I have written a jersey Restful WS and deployed it onto Tomcat.

public class MyController {
public BatchProgressMetricsListRoot getAllBatchProgressMetricsForClient(@PathParam("clientId") String clientId) { 

While on the client side i am calling

webResource = client.resource(metricsCaptureUrl);  
batchProgressMetrics = webResource.get(BatchProgressMetricsListRoot.class);  

Now i get the object but with default values. When i try it from browser i get the xml with proper value. Now if i give

webResource = client.resource(metricsCaptureUrl);  
batchProgressMetrics = webResource.get(String.class);  

It prints proper xml. My question is is there a way i can get the object back instead of as a string? If not then can you suggest me some xml framework which i can use to generate the object manually?

Thanks, Ajay

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My question is is there a way i can get the object back instead of as a string?

No. When you annotate your web service with:


You are effectively specifying the content of your response, that is XML. REST services use many existing features of the HTTP protocol therefore you just can't return Java Objects - as in Corba or EJB.

If you want to de-serialize your objects from XML to Java in your client code, you can choose among many frameworks: JAXB, XStream are the most popular. It is recommended that you use the same serialization framework on both the client and the server.

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