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I have an odd problem:

I deployed a WSP package containing stuff and a site template using PowerShell

Add-SPSolution ...
Install-SPSolution ...

When now trying to create a new Site Collection, my template is visible and I can create a new site collection with my template.

When I try to look at all the installed site templates with PowerShell (Get-SPWebTemplate) in the same session as before, the new template does not appear!

The same goes visa-versa: When retracting/deleting the solution, I cannot create a new site collection with the template anymore since it's gone. But in the still open PowerShell session the template is still visible.

The only solution: Open up a new PowerShell session after the solution has been retracted/deployed - only in this "fresh" session, the changes are synchronized.

My question is: How do I clear this PowerShell cache? How do I fetch the site template list directly from the server and not from some cache?

Some other guy also came up with closing/re-opening PowerShell (PowerShell caching leads to head-banging) - this can't be the solution...

Disclaimer: Cross post from "How to clear PowerShell Object Model Cache".

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Turns out that PowerShell is actually caching some stuff in particular the OWSSVR.DLL.

There are two (and ½) ways to overcome the problem:

  1. Use a nifty PowerShell snippet to kill a Sharepoint thread and reload a DLL
  2. Use a different PowerShell session started from within the first session
  3. Use old-school stsadm to create the site as stsadm lives within another thread and hence "sees" the new site templates already

I went with method 2 ½ (denoted 3) as it is just the easiest using a one-liner stsadm instead of calling up yet another PS session.

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can you develop the 2nd point ? I've tried enter-pssession, new-spsession but have troubles with WInRM (even if I run Enable-PSRemoting) – Steve B Jun 16 '11 at 16:20
Don't know how this behaves via WinRM... Plainly stated when you just open a new powershell prompt via powershell.exe -command "mycommand" it works. Same as when you would run another powershell.exe manually. You would need to figure out a way to start another powershell shell [sic] to run your ccommands. I have resorted to 3. - use stsadm within my powershell script and everything is fine. – Dennis G Jun 17 '11 at 7:26
thanks. I'll give a chance to powershell.Exe -command but will fall back to stsadm if too complicated. – Steve B Jun 17 '11 at 7:31
Somebody suggested (Get-SPFarm).Uncache() I yet have to try. – Dennis G Feb 22 '14 at 11:54

I can't check from here, but it's possibly got something to do with the web being cached in the current "assignment collection." Take a look at the Start- and Stop-SPAssignment commands. I'm not sure what the default assignment model is, but I'd try running "Stop-SPAssignment; Start-SPAssignment" to see if that will dispose of the current cached SPWeb being used to retrieve templates.


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Stop-SPAssignment -Global, Start-SPAssigmnet doesn't do the trick... – Dennis G Feb 22 '11 at 15:29

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