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I am wondering is it good practice to write all forms in spring tags or can I mix spring form tags with html form tags?

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Use Spring forms when you need functionality provided by them:

  • binding to objects
  • configurable field formatting
  • redisplay of values on errors
  • binding of error messages

For simple forms (such as a simple search box on each page) you usually don't need these features - therefore you can use simple HTML forms for them.

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Is there any advantages of binding object to form with spring form and manually setting path to object in name part of form element? Ex: <form:input path="parent.name" /> and <input name="parent.name" /> on server side. If later doesn't bind object than what is object binding and what it's advantages? – Erlan Aug 19 '15 at 11:52

Springs form:form tag is supposed to be used with whenever you have a formbacking object you wish to bind to the form (a model object delivered to your view).

There are no additional benefits of using the tag in a regular form with no backing object.

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