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I have created multiple user documents in the _users database with the following in the "name" property:


I logged in each one of them (the password is the same for all of them) and then I tried to get the current user session with GET /_session with cookie auth.

It worked for the first 3 documents but not for the 4th one.

The conclusion is that if I have a : in the "name" it won't work.

So now I want to change the format of the "name" value so that it won't have the : in there. Is this about encryption or encoding and how do I do that in Javascript?

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you can just use javascript's native string replace function:

var name = "mamma:mia";
name = name.replace(/:/g, ''); // name = mammamia

this will replace all occurences of ":" with nothing then you would need to update your database with the new names and maybe prevent users from using such characters in the future

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Thanks for the tip. But if I want to change the format instead, how should I do that? –  ajsie Feb 22 '11 at 14:55
well, what kind of format do you want to use? –  tak3r Feb 23 '11 at 10:16

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