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I know the GF-web profile is lighter weight compare to full GF, utilize less memory. But does the web-profile version run faster than the full version. My VPS is 4G memory, and I specify -Xmx: 1400M, -Xms: 1400M as well. I am currently using the full version GF open source. I wonder if I should switch over to the web profile version. I know the web profile version dont support JMS, but I think I can just download the mail.jar and put it into my classpath and it should work, right?

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it may run faster than the full profile... but it will probably run at about the same speed. It depends on the application that you are trying to run. –  vkraemer Feb 22 '11 at 17:47

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GF can be configured in a very flexible way with the update tool. You can configure the full GF to act like a web profile. I would take the full version and remove every unecessairy feature, and you have an optimal profile for your situation. Try to avoid copying jars here and there.

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