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set :locales, %w[en it]
set :default_locale, 'it'
set :locale_pattern, /^\/?(#{Regexp.union(settings.locales)})(\/.+)$/

helpers do
  def locale
    @locale || settings.default_locale

before('/:locale/*') { |params| @locale = params.first } # params shouldn't be a Hash?

I cannot get other pages starting with a /en/:

get '/attivita/:activity' do |activity|
  erb "attivita/#{activity.to_sym}".to_sym

Should I pest routes with :locale anywhere? Thanks

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Your before block gives me a wrong number of arguments (2 for 1) on Sinatra 1.1.3.

With the before from How to detect language from URL in Sinatra works for me:

before do
  @locale, request.path_info = $1, $2 if request.path_info =~ settings.locale_pattern
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