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I have an array that I want converted to a comma limited string,

.toString() does this fine but if I have a rather large array say, 20+ items then it won't word wrap as there are no spaces after the commas, it is printed as:


I would like to put spaces after the commas to allow line/word wrapping how can this be done?

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In JavaScript there's a .join() method on arrays to get a string, which you can provide the delimiter to. In your case it'd look like this:

var myArray = ['css','html','xhtml','html5','css3','javascript','jquery','lesscss','arrays','wordpress','facebook','fbml','table','.htaccess','php','c','.net','c#','java'];
var myString = myArray.join(', ');

You can test it out here

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Perfect just what I was after! – Myles Gray Feb 22 '11 at 15:39

Use array.join(", "); and it should work

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 string.Join(", ", new string[] { "css", "html", "xhtml", ..etc });

This prints the items with a comma and a space

[edit] I'm sorry, did not see it was for javascript. My code is c# :)

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