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I have a dynamic table with rows that have one td element. All td elements have one custom styled link.

I have to write an event for the custom styled link (say id: customLink).

I tried this:

$("#tableID tr td #customLink").click(function(){
var temp = $(this);

I get [object HTMLSpanElement]. How to get value inside the td (value for Text1 below)? Here is a row in the table

       <td class="Row1">                
            Text1: <%=var1%><br/>
        Text2: <%=var2%><br/>                
        <span id="customLink" class="style1">Custom Link</span>
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Do you have multiple customLink elements? Do they have child td elements? Could you post some HTML? –  lonesomeday Feb 22 '11 at 17:59
Yes I have multiple customLink elements as this is a dynamic table. Each row has just one column as shown above. I have to get the value for the label "Text1" (that is <%=var1%>) –  jqueryEnthusiast Feb 22 '11 at 19:12

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I solved this using "title" attribute of the span tag:

<span id="customLink" class="style1" title="<%=var1%>">Custom Link</span>

event code:

$("#tableID tr td #customLink").live("click", function(event){
    var var1=$(this).attr("title");

JQuery select an element inside a td

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