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I have a Lazy<List<T>> where T is a class which has a huge string and metadata about files. Let's call them Property HugeString and Property Metadata

I have this class U, which has the same property HugeString, among other things. I have to convert Lazy<List<T>> to Lazy<List<U>> without loading all stuff.

Is it possible ?

This is where I create my list, and inside that method I get info about the file and the file itself:

entity.VersionedItems =
    new Lazy<List<VersionedItemEntity>>(
        () => VersionedItemEntity.GetFromTFSChanges(entity,chng.Changes));

This is what I want to do (commented)

    new HistoryLogEntryModel()
        Revision = changeset.Changeset.ToString(),
        Author = changeset.User,
        Date = changeset.Date.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy"),
        Message = changeset.Comment,
        //VersionedItems = changeset.VersionedItems

But HistoryLogEntryModel has a different Version of VersionedItems. And I need to convert some variables.If I would convert one thing to another, it would load up everything and that would be unnecessary and slow.

Is this the right approach? How else could I achieve this?

thanks in adv.


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You should be able to wrap the Lazy<List<T>> in a Lazy<List<U>>.

var uLazy = new Lazy<List<U>>(() => tLazy.Value.Select(t => (U)t).ToList());
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Or use some kind of extension method:

public static class ExtensionMethods
    public static Lazy<U> Convert<T,U>(this Lazy<T> source, Func<Lazy<T>, Lazy<U>> convert)
        return convert(source);

Lazy<List<int>> source = new Lazy<List<int>>();

Lazy<List<string>> converted = source.Convert(x => 
 return new Lazy<List<string>>()
                Items = x.Items.ConvertAll<string>(i => i.ToString())

I'm sure there's a tidier way to do this though.

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