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I have ran into a problem trying to do frame by frame advance with html5 video on the iPad.

I have a test page up here http://playgr8sports.com/ipad/videotest.html

With the back and forward buttons using the html 5 video tag.

This works great exactly how it should do in Chrome. It jumps through at 0.03 sec per click.

But when I try it on the iPad, it jumps random chucks of seconds and is no longer frame by frame.

All I can find is that it has something to do with the iPad not handling "currentTime" in javascript very well.

I cannot find any work around. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.


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It looks like this is a bug with the current 4.2 SDK. I have 4.3 Beta installed on my iPad and it works great on here. There are a few issues I've seen thus far with the 4.2 browser that are fixed in 4.3

Also add this to your page:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, maximum-scale=1.0" />

will help limit the zooming in and out deal when clicking on the links and not quite hitting them.

I'll check for any work arounds, but seeing as it's a version issue, might not be any..

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