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I have a popup system that shows a image when you hover over a link. Instead I need the popup to be activated when you hover over <label>


 * Url preview script 
 * powered by jQuery (http://www.jquery.com)
 * written by Alen Grakalic (http://cssglobe.com)
 * for more info visit http://cssglobe.com/post/1695/easiest-tooltip-and-image-preview-using-jquery

this.screenshotPreview = function(){    
    /* CONFIG */

        xOffset = 130;
        yOffset = 60;

        // these 2 variable determine popup's distance from the cursor
        // you might want to adjust to get the right result

    /* END CONFIG */
        this.t = this.title;
        this.title = "";    
        var c = (this.t != "") ? "<br/>" + this.t : "";
        $("body").append("<p id='screenshot'><img src='"+ this.rel +"' alt='image loading...' />"+ c +"</p>");                               
            .css("top",(e.pageY - xOffset) + "px")
            .css("left",(e.pageX + yOffset) + "px")
        this.title = this.t;    
            .css("top",(e.pageY - xOffset) + "px")
            .css("left",(e.pageX + yOffset) + "px");

// starting the script on page load

Here is the html that activate the popup


<a style="" class="screenshot" rel="images/0.jpg" title="blablabla">blablabla</a>

I tried:

<label for="0" class="screenshot" rel="images/0.jpg" title="blablabla">blablabla</label>and changed to this in the js $("label.screenshot").hover, but I only get image loading and no image..

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Did it work when it was a link? Did you inspect the image path and make sure it is correct? –  epascarello Feb 22 '11 at 17:49

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The issue you are having, is that since this.rel is accessing the dom property rel which is a properly of a a tag but not a property of a label.

Change your code to $(this).attr('rel'), so it will pickup the attribute.

$("body").append("<p id='screenshot'><img src='"+ $(this).attr('rel') ...
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