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I have some Perl code which has file glob operation.

$file1 = @ARGV[0];
@res1 = glob "$file1*";

I want the whole absolute paths to be reflected when i glob the files, not just the file names which is the case currently in my code.

e.g. when I do glob "*.pdf" i need the absolute paths of the pdf files to be matched and returned to my array variable by glob.

I tried using module use File::Basename; but that seems to be used for parsing a file path into directory, file name , suffix.

How do I get this effect.



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You want to use the core module Cwd to get the full path with respect to your current working directory.

use Cwd;
@res1 = map { Cwd::abs_path($_) } glob "$file1*";
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Thank you for the answer. worked nicely, also i learnt about the module Cwd. –  goldenmean Feb 22 '11 at 22:03
what is there to choose between this and File::Spec rel2abs() –  justintime Feb 22 '11 at 22:03

You want to use the standard module File::Spec. It has a sub, rel2abs() which is exactly what you want. See perldoc File::Spec for details. Also, see perldoc perlmodlib for the list of standard modules and pragmatics that are install along with Perl.

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