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I am using Node.js and Sproutcore.

My goal is to use same frameworks/libraries as much as possible on both sides so I don't have to learn two things to accomplish one thing.

Do you know libraries/frameworks that work on both ends (testing, http requests, javascript extensions etc)

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its possible. Just port CommonJS to the browser. I'm working on verbatim code re-use between the browser & node.js but based on backbonejs instead because thats a lot more lightweight. You of course have to restrict yourself to a useful subset. I'm only copying the browser/node agnostic bits. – Raynos Feb 25 '11 at 19:55
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"so I don't have to learn two things to accomplish one thing" You will need to learn both. I think maybe YUI is something you should look into. YUI will help you build your logic/business for both client and server.

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