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How do I create a client programatically?

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Open Visual Studio command prompt and move to client application folder using change directory command and type

svcutil.exe http://your_service_url/your_service_name.svc?wsdl

This will generate a configuration file (output.config) and a client class. Client class name will be your_service_nameClient Next you need to copy the <system.serviceModel> section from output.config to your App/Web config. Now your client application is ready to consume the service. You can create client class object and invoke service methods.

Hope this will help you

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You may want to add reference to System.Runtime.Serialization, System.ServiceModel –  Jith Apr 8 '11 at 6:59

You'll need to start the svcutil.exe process -- it could be done from a program, but it will generate source code, not binary code.

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If you are new to WCF check out this site:


If you are only interested in learning how to create a client, this is the video for you:


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