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I have a Data Row. I can get the items in it using the property dataRow.ItemArray which is of type object[]. I need to convert this to String[] or List<String>

I see the methods ToArray<> and ToList<>. but dont know how to use it.Kindly help.

Thanks in Advance

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You have two options depending on the actual objects in dataRow.ItemArray

If there are actually string objects in the object[] you can just cast element wise.


but if the objects are of another type, like int or something else you need to convert the to string (in this example with .ToString() but another custom method might be required in your case

dataRow.ItemArray.Select(o => o.ToString()).ToList();

If you don't need List<string> or string[] explicitly you can leave the .ToList() out and get an IEnumerable<string> instead.

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+1 For talking about both coercion and conversion. Consider mentioning/handling null/DBNull in conversion example as these are somewhat common cases (in my experience). – user166390 Feb 22 '11 at 19:33
 object[] a = new object[10];
 string[] b = Array.ConvertAll(a, p => (p ?? String.Empty).ToString())

(the line you want is the second)

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You can use System.Array.ConvertTo with System.Convert.ToString as the delegate.

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List<string> strList = objArray.Cast<String>();

You may want to check for nulls first:

List<string> strList = objArray.Select( o => o == null ? String.Empty : o.ToString() ).ToList();
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Should point out that this does not cause conversion which may (or may not be) desired. – user166390 Feb 22 '11 at 18:10
The second example is not just the first-with-a-null-check but an explicit conversion. This should be pointed out. – user166390 Feb 22 '11 at 18:16

ToArray and ToList won't quite do what you want, as they will only return an object array or list. You need to massage the data into strings first, and Select can help. Try this:

 dataRow.ItemArray.Select(i => i == null ? string.Empty : i.ToString()).ToArray();
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I prefer "" + i in this case as it has the same effect as the ternary w.r.t. nulls -- but style-subjective :) – user166390 Feb 22 '11 at 18:09

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