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I am attempting to convert one of my application written in C# - Windows Forms to C++ - wxWidgets.

My app is borderless and has a thin, transparent panel on top of the form which can be used to move the form. (I used the technique from this question: C# - Make a borderless form movable?)

Now, I basically want to do the same thing in wxWidgets, I've searched around the internet on how to handle a mouse down event over a wxPanel and found a couple examples but both used wxPython in their article/question and I have no knowledge about Python at all.

So how to do the same thing in C++ - wxWidgets?

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"how to fire a mouse down event?". You do not need to worry about 'firing' the event - the OS does that. You need to handle the event which is EVT_LEFT_DOWN. Is your question about how to handle wxWidgets events? Have you looked at the sample programs? http://docs.wxwidgets.org/2.6/wx_samples.html They are all in C++.

There is a description of how to handle events here: http://docs.wxwidgets.org/2.6/wx_eventhandlingoverview.html#eventhandlingoverview

If you question is about something more specific in the details of handling the EVT_LEFT_DOWN event, then please post your code, describe what you want it to do and what it does instead.

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