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I've seen many questions here (mostly without an answer) regarding implementation strategy for creating magazine-type apps for the iPad (The New Yorker app for example). Since I couldn't find a proper answer, I will ask my questions in hopes of some help.

While I'm familiar with iOS and the SDK, I'm not sure what's the best approach to presenting/scrolling magazine-type pages(graphics+text) to achieve the smooth transitioning within an article.

Should I use PDF as a container for each column (2-3 pages) or should I just use static images?

Any thoughts/links/comments will be greatly appreciated.



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If you have an iPad, you may want to purchase one of the magazines and then examine the .ipa file which is saved in the media folder in iTunes when you resync your device.

My favourite for simplified use it Raw and Raw+. Another one to examine for scrolling is Digital2.0. In my opinion, some magazines don't preload the page, so while you are swiping it loads content, showing you the spinner. If you do develop a system, try to have the pages on either side of the current one loaded so the transition is smooth. It's the appearance of responsiveness that matters. You can see their file structure and some of the engine underlying it, but most of the application code is unavailable.

I built a system like this, but it is not an app, it builds a web page (the entire magazine) and then lets you browse through it like a magazine, complete with a table of contents built from identifier tags. The entire thing runs on jquery so it will work on desktops. Probably not what you are looking for, though.

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