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FlashBuilder's undocumented mm.cfg file has a lot of cool options as shown here and elsewhere. But what about comments?

Can anyone out there verify if comments are supported in FlashBuilder's mm.cfg file?

If so what are the rules? For example:

REM  .bat style comment
;    .ini style comment
#    shell style comment
/*   C Style comment          */
//   C++ style comment
--   SQL style comment
<!-- XML style comment        -->

Are multi-line comments allowed? Must comments be on separate lines?

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mm.cfg file used for trace output. it will activate only when using flash debugger player to execute application. – Raju Apr 26 '11 at 14:44
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'rem' seems to work as expected in mm.cfg

'rem' lines are silently ignored without errors. tested with google chrome (13.0.782.220 m windows) and debug flash player (10,2,159,1 installed)

ErrorReportingEnable = 0
TraceOutputFileEnable = 1
rem PreloadSwf = D:\Dev\PBLabsProfiler\dist\Agent.swf

'rem' is a single line comment. multi-line comments not allowed.

be sure to restart your browser to have mm.cfg changes take effect

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Cool! Have you tried any of the other comment styles? – jwfearn Sep 7 '11 at 18:19

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