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Does scoping work on Guice providers? Suppose I have a FooProvider and bind like thus:


Will the FooProvider be instantiated once per request?

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No, FooProvider will be instantiated by Guice only once.

The scope applies to the binding, which means in your example that, if Foo is injected into another REQUEST-scoped object, Guice will call FooProvider.get() and will inject the returned Foo into that original object.

If you want the scope applied to FooProvider, then you would have to do something like that (NB: I haven't checked it but it should work):

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It should be


but otherwise this should work as expected.

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Initial tests show that this scopes both the provider and the provided object. In most cases, this is probably desired. – Michael Ekstrand Mar 1 '11 at 16:41

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