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I am struggling with this. Sorting a multi-dimensional array by value based on dates. Here is a snippet of the array:

    [0] => Array
            [clicks] => 14
            [point] => 11 February 2011

    [1] => Array
            [clicks] => 1
            [point] => 14 February 2011

    [2] => Array
            [clicks] => 8
            [point] => 15 February 2011

    [3] => Array
            [clicks] => 0
            [point] => 08 February 2011

I would like to sort it by date with the keys in the correct order. So in this case the 08 February 2011 should get key 0. I tried to make use of usort but that didn't go well as I couldn't even make use of the callback function in codeigniter which is another problem I am researching.

What is the most efficient way of doing this? My array can grow to 60 entries.

Thanks all for any help.

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This custom sort should work:

function cmp($a, $b){
    $l = strtotime($a['point']);
    $r = strtotime($b['point']);
    if($l == $r){
        return 0;
    return $l < $r ? -1 : 1;

usort($arr, "cmp");
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Both functions work but I have gone for this as it tests if they are equal. I am not sure if Tim's answer accounts for this, but I understand this function more easily. Thanks. –  Abs Feb 23 '11 at 21:34

Suppose, $data is your multi-dimensional array.

foreach ($data as $key => $row) {
    $point[$key]  = strtotime($row['point']);

// Sort the data with date ascending
array_multisort($point, SORT_ASC, $data);

See array_multisort function: http://php.net/manual/en/function.array-multisort.php (very useful for sorting multi-dimensional arrays)

Hope this helps.

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